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Recently opened to the public, Pohon Market in Siak is crowded with by tourists

Jumat, 25 Januari 2019

Pohon Market which is located in Rempak Village, Siak Subdistrict, Siak Regency, Riau Province, which was recently launched by the Siak Regent and the Head of Siak Regency Tourism Office started to be crowded with tourists, especially on weekends, Saturday and Sunday.

Tourism in the digital market in Siak aims to promote together through the digital age and introduce tourism in other Siak areas. This tourism on Pohon market has an eco-friendly concept to attract visitors and tourists to come there.

In addition, Pohon market is considered to have a strategic place because it is located right under the Tengku Angung Sultanah Latifah (TASL) bridge, which is located right in the Siak Islamic Center Mosque complex.

With this strategic location it is certainly easier for tourists to pray when they are traveling to the tree park. Besides that, now in the Islamic Center mosque complex there are also various playgrounds for children such as mini pedicabs, mini motorbikes, mini cars.

Pohon Market in Siak is also adjacent to the Deer Park, so tourists are presented with the entertainment of deer that grows and looks like living in their natural habitat. And also Pohon market in Siak is equipped with aquatic and traditional musical entertainment which makes it really spoils the eyes and ears for tourists who want to visit.

Siak Regency Tourism Head Dr. H. Fauzi Asni, M.Sc, through the Head of Dispar (Government Tourism Office) Tourism Marketing, Siak Regency H. Basriansyah, ST, MT, said the existence of Pohon market in Siak is able to improve the economy of the community through culinary sales, vehicle parking, and the renting of children's games.

So, Pohon market can not only be enjoyed by tourists, but certainly can provide value-added which felt by the Siak community. "There is also a variety of unique culinary delicacies in the Siak Regency, a playground, and a deer park so that tourists can enjoy and certainly have a positive impact on increasing income for the Siak people" Basriansyah said on Monday, January 21st 2019.

In addition, Pohon market is built to preserve nature and protect it from damage. Tourists enter into the largest Malay kingdom in Riau, namely Siak Indrapura with its new tourist market, Pohon Market.

Visitors and tourists have captured many of their photos in the Pohon market and shared them on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This tourism is a creative creation of Siak children that makes it unique and interesting. This digital market tourism is relatively new, so there are still many developments to be made to advance tourism in Siak Sri Indrapura.

Public facilities in this market are quite complete. There are various unique photo spots such as a dwarf house in the story of Snow White that is visited by many visitors and tourists.

Pohon Market Tourism also has culinary facilities, a stage for various music events, and you can expressed yourself here.

For visitors who are come from outside Sumatra, you can use the plane to Pekanbaru and then continue using private vehicles or public transportation to the city of Siak with a 2-hour journey.

If visitors and tourists arrive at Siak City, this Pohon Market is located in Tengku Agung Park or in front of the Islamic Center Mosque.

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